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As excavation contractors with 35 years of experience in dirt work, here at Jim’s Bobcat & Towing Service, we know dirt. We are an excavation company that understands the customers who need excavation in Pinehurst, ID and in all of northern Idaho. We know how to move dirt and where to move it to accomplish the goals of the customers. We are proud to be dirt moving professionals who are efficient and effective. The services we provide include:

• Excavation and Land Clearing—We dig holes, including big ones such as for foundations or ponds, or small ones for sidewalks or ditches. We can clear land or create varied topography for all your landscaping needs.

• Grading—Do you need a roadway to be on grade or to make sure your ditch will run water because it is heading downhill? Do you need a fence line leveled so the fence will last longer? We can make sure your projects are on grade or level.

• Trenching—We can trench for utilities or for sprinkler systems without tearing your yard or driveway all to pieces.

• Installing—We can install sod, sidewalks, driveways, and more.

We understand how water moves on the northern Idaho topography and soil and can make recommendations about storm water mitigation and control. We can create the landscape you want for your house or property.

At Jim’s Bobcat and Towing Service, we understand the complexities and safety issues of utility work and are familiar with the ins and outs of excavation regulations and laws. You will be sure of quality service. We have a reputation for professional work and efficient, reliable employees. Wherever you are in northern Idaho, we are excited to work with you on your excavation project. Call us today and receive a free estimate and a quality guarantee.

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