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Jim’s Bobcat & Towing Service specializes in logging, land clearing, stump excavation, and tree removal in Pinehurst, ID and the surrounding area. We serve the needs of both commercial and residential customers. We are equipped to complete all sizes of jobs, from big to small, and provide the same quality of service no matter what size the job. Our services include:

• Tree Removal—We are your tree removal specialist. Whether the tree is dead or alive, healthy or diseased, Jim’s Bobcat & Towing Service can remove the tree or even just take down a part of it. We can also offer tree excavation, roots and all, then fill the in the hole. We even provide tree hauling.

• Stump Removal—If an ugly stump is interfering with the look of your landscape, call us. Jim’s Bobcat Service can remove that eyesore, leaving your yard neat and tidy. We will haul the stump away for you, too.

• Tree Clearing—Using our Bobcats, we can clear trees, brush, and debris from your land, leaving it level or graded as you desire.

• Logging—Our professional logging services are available to residents in the Pinehurst, ID and surrounding area.

At Jim’s Bobcat & Towing Service, we are tree experts. We can remove all types of trees, from one diseased ornamental in your yard, to hundreds on your logging tract. Our certified arborist has proven knowledge about all kinds of trees and their health. We understand how trees interact with the climate and weather here in northern Idaho and are committed to excellence in working with customers’ needs.

Logging is another service we offer. We are professional, safety-minded loggers who will not leave piles of debris for you to deal with. We know that logging can be a messy business and will clean up after ourselves, leaving the land in as good or better condition than when we started. We look forward to hearing from you about your tree and logging concerns in the Pinehurst, Idaho area. Please call us for all of your tree needs.

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